Hey everyone this is a walk-through of a HTB machine name passage.

BASIC Details


type=> linux

level =>Medium

=> lets directly jump into it with out any wait 😉.

So, lets do an NMAP scan so that we can know what are the ports available.

lately I had started preparing for my comptia pentest+ exam and got to know there is this awesome track on tryhackme so today I started with the first room so lets get started let me deploy and head forward.

sup! guys hoping you are fine. Today iam going to solve HaskHell room by tryhackme it is a free room so any one can solve it with out subscription.

now the story begins! Cution:- make sure you give a complte try before opening the writeup.

first as every time lets…

Hey, I had just completed The room of Pickle Rick this was quite simple!BUT! has a different logic which made me interesting to solve this.So folks go ahead and deploy the machine the show is about to start.

first is first! here comes the nmap scan which give us information…

Hey everyone here i am going to help you with a simple room on tryhackme. Before you go through the write up i request you to give a complete try.

so first is first! this is a free room offered by tryhackme in this room you would get to learn…

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